How to Make a Packed Bubble Chart with Bubble Chart Pro™

1. First, you click the [New] button to open the "New Bubble Chart" form:

2. Next, select the [Packed Bubble] checkbox, and then name the new Packed Bubble Chart. In this case, we'll name it "Profit".

3. Next, you select the data for the chart to display using the top drop-down menu.

4. Finally, you click [Save and Open Chart] to open the new chart. The chart is saved and opened using your saved default display settings for bubble appearance, chart colors, fonts, etc.

And that's it! You can modify almost all aspects of the chart display using the Packed Bubble Chart Preferences form. You can also click on the bubble size label at the bottom of the chart to change the data. Plus, you can use the [Zoom Box] button to "zoom-in" on any area in the chart. Double-clicking on a bubble opens the corresponding data form.

Below is the same chart with the bubble labels toggled off and the bubble legend displayed instead.

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