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Form Overview

You can create, edit, save, export, and print notes assigned to bubble charts, projects, and portfolios by using the Notes form. The Note form is opened by clicking the [Notes] button on the respective form. The Notes form for column headers can be opened by right-clicking on the name in the bubble chart forms.

The Category Notes form can be opened by clicking on a category name in a bubble chart. The name and value are displayed but not editable in this form.

You can assign a set of default font preferences using the Notes Preference form. The font preferences are applied when you open an empty notes form. The Notes Preference form is opened by selecting the File->Preferences menu item or pressing “Control-,” (“Command-,” on Macs).

You can apply font preferences to individual sections of text in the different Notes forms by selecting the text, and right-mouse clicking on the selection to open a pop-up menu. You can also cut-and-paste into and out of the text area.

You can export individual notes or all the project notes into text files (.txt) by selecting selecting the File->Export… menu item or pressing “Control-e” (“Command-e” on Macs). This opens the Notes Export form. From this form you can use the radio buttons to export the currently viewed note, export all the notes saved in the portfolio, or display all the notes in the portfolio. There is also a checkbox to allow the date and time stamping at the top of the exported file.

You can print individual notes by selecting selecting the File->Print… menu item or pressing “Control-p” (“Command-p” on Macs) from an open Notes form. This opens the standard Print Settings form for your platform.

The Notes Form Buttons

[Close]: Click to close the note without saving any changes.

[Save]: Click to save and close the form.