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Form Overview

Use this form to select or import pictures for use as as backgrounds in all types of bubble charts. You can open this form by clicking the [Select Picture] button in the [Background] tab of the Bubble Chart Preferences form.

Examples of Bubble Chart with Picture Background:

List Box:

The form has two pages. Each page has a list box that contains 4 columns of picture thumbnails. The [Stock Pictures] page contains pictures that come pre-loaded with Bubble Chart Pro. The [My Pictures] page displays pictures that you can import by using the [Import] button and form.

Clicking on a picture selects that picture and displays it in the preview box. Clicking [Select] closes the form, and the selected picture is displayed in the Preferences form.


[Select] Button: Click this button to choose the selected picture as the new background picture and close the form.

[Cancel] Button: Click this button to cancel the picture selection process.

[Import] Button: Click this button to import a new picture into the list. This will open the Import Background Picture form in the same window.

[Export] Button: Click this button to export the selected picture outside of the database.

[Delete] Button: Click this button to delete the picture in the highlighted row.