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Form Overview

Use this form to import pictures for use as as backgrounds in all types of bubble charts. This form opens by clicking the [Import] button on the Background Picture Selection form.

You begin by dragging and dropping a picture into the form area or using the [Select From File]button to select a picture:

Clicking [Save] adds this picture to your [My Pictures] tab of the Background Picture Selection form, and it becomes the selected picture:

Clicking [Select] selects the image and closes the file. The picture is displayed in the [Background] tab of the Bubble Chart Preferences form. Note that you can lighten and darken the image using the [Picture Fill] slider below the image preview:

Clicking [Save] displays the background image in your bubble chart:

Picture Import Form Fields:

Picture Area field: This field displays the picture to be saved. You can add a picture by dragging and dropping into this area or by using the [Select From File] button.

Form Buttons:

[Save]: Click on this button to save the picture.

[Cancel]: Click on this button to cancel and close form. The picture will not be imported.

[Select From File]: Click on this button to select a picture from a file instead of dragging and dropping.