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Printing and Exporting Portfolios in Bubble Chart Pro™

Printing: Portfolios are printed by opening a portfolio in the Portfolio Data form and selecting the “Print...” menu item from the “File” menu or using the control-p ( Windows) or command-p (Mac) key combinations. Before you print, you will be asked to select how many columns of data that you want to print. (This avoids printing pages of empty columns.)

Exporting: Portfolio data can be exported to tab-delimited text files that can be opened by most popular spreadsheet applications. To export a portfolio, open the portfolio and select the “Export...” menu item from the “File” menu or use the control-e ( Windows) or command-e (Mac) key combinations. Note that the color/pattern (“Pic.”) Column is not exported and the checkmarks in the selected (“Sel.”) column are exported as asterisks (“*”).

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