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Adding Project Columns to Your Portfolio in Bubble Chart Pro™

The Portfolio form is the central control form to create, open, modify, and delete Projects and Bubble Charts. This form consists of two tabbed form pages: Data and Bubble Charts.

In the Data page, “Columns” are used to hold the data for your projects. You can have up to 100 data columns.

1. Click on the top row of the column to open the Column Name form.

2. Enter the name and formatting for the Column.

3. Set the Column to “Active” for use in Bubble Charts. Only “Active” columns are listed in pop-up menus of column names (such as for creating bubble charts). This prevents you from having 100 mostly unused items in pop-up menus. Note: the first 10 columns maybe “Active” by default, but this can be disabled in the Portfolio Preferences form.

4. After you click [Save] to close the Column form, the Column Name appears in the top row of the column, and the Column "active" status appears in the header above it.

5. In addition to currency and percent symbols, Column Format allows you to assign “Categories” and “Dates” as column formats. Simply select that format in the “Column Format” drop-down menu.

The form is redrawn based on the format you select.

Categories are particularly useful for assigning values to more qualitative types of data. The assigned values are used to place bubbles in the bubble charts.

The form is open by clicking the [New Category] button.

You can also choose to have columns that are formatted by date. The date will be formatted according to your system preferences: “mm/dd/yyyy” or “dd/mm/yyyy”.

6. Portfolio after 7 columns have been entered:

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