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Interacting with Bubbles in Bubble Chart Pro™

Double-clicking on a bubble in the Bubble Chart Display form opens the corresponding project in the project form for editing. Any changes that you save in the project form are immediately updated in the bubble chart.

1. Slow double-clicking on the Project Andromeda bubble opened the project.

2. Clicking on the Color and Pattern buttons let you select a different color-pattern combination.

3. Clicking [Save] displays the modified bubble in the chart.

4.You can also use pictures to represent your data bubbles. Select the [Use Picture] button, and then click on [Select Picture] to select the picture to use.

5.You select a picture from the Picture Selection Form.

6. If you select the checkbox [Scale Picture Too Bubble], the entire picture will be placed inside the bubble borders. If you leave it un-checked, then the full-sized picture will be used and the center will be cropped by the bubble borders.

7. Click save to see the bubble with the picture inside.

Right mouse button clicking on a bubble displays the name, X, Y, and Bubble size ("Z") values for that bubble:

You can also move bubbles by "dragging and dropping" them in the chart area. Value scores are recalculated (if necessary), and Project data is automatically updated and saved to correspond with the new bubble location.

1. Click on a bubble and hold down the mouse to select the bubble. A red frame will be drawn around the bubble, and the selected bubble will be brought to the front.

2. Drag the selected bubble by clicking on it. Releasing the mouse drops the bubble and the chart and project data are updated to reflect the new bubble location. A moved bubble can be restored to its original position by selecting the "Undo" menu item from the "Edit" or selecting the control-z (Windows) or command-z (Mac) immediately after moving the bubble.

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