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Projects can be opened from the Project Data form or by double-clicking on a bubble object in a Bubble Chart form or in the legend.

Use the Project form to view, modify, save, and duplicate the values of a project. The project Name can be modified in the project field at the top of the form. The column names and the corresponding project values are entered and displayed in the listbox area. The bubble picture and pattern and color and the "Selected" and "Blink" checkboxes are displayed above the listbox.

You can edit the display of the column list by using the Project Preferences form.

Project Form Fields:

Project Name Field: Modify the name of the project in this field. The project name must be unique to that portfolio combination and cannot exceed 32 characters, including spaces.

Project Values Listbox: Project values are entered in the column on the right side of the listbox. Categorical data is entered by clicking in the associated cell and selecting from the pop-up menu that appears displaying the categories that were added in the Modify Column form.

Project Check Boxes:

[Selected] Check Box: When this box is checked, the project will include a check in the selected column of the Portfolio form.

[Blink]Check Box: When this box is checked, the project bubble will "blink" on and off in the Bubble Chart form when blinking has been turned on at the bottom of the form. You can select the blinking speed for a chart using the Bubbles tab of the bubble chart preferences form.

Project Form Buttons and Palettes:

Using Pictures in Bubbles

[Use Picture] checkbox: Click on the [Use Picture] checkbox to display the [Select Picture] button.

[Select Picture] button: Click the [Select Picture] button to select a picture from the Picture Selection Form.

[Scale Picture to Bubble] checkbox: The [Scale Picture to Bubble] checkbox lets you choose between fitting the entire picture inside the bubble (when checked) or using the picture at full size as cropped in the center by the bubble:

Using Color, Patterns, Pattern Color in Bubbles

[Use Color Pattern] checkbox: Click on the [Use Color Pattern]checkbox to display the color and pattern buttons.

Bubble Color: Click on the color square to open the color picker to select a color for the project.

Bubble Pattern Palettes: Click on the pattern square to select a pattern for the project from a drop-down selection of 64 patterns.

Pattern Color: Click on the color square to open the color picker to select a color for selected the bubble pattern.

The combined color, pattern, and pattern color combination is previewed in the preview bubble on the right side of the form.

[Bubble Label Font Color] selection: Click this square to open the system Color Picker form to select the color for the fonts of the number and/or name labels displayed on the chart (if selected).

The bubble label font color is useful for making lables that stand out from the bubble. You can change the bubble label font color for groups of bubbles using the Modify Selection form. The default bubble label font color is set using the Project Form Preferences form.

[Save]: Click on this button to save any changes made to the project.

[Duplicate]: Click on this button to open a new Project form containing the identical values as the parent project. This allows you to edit and save a new project that contains the same or similar values as the original project.

[Delete]: Click on this button to delete the project by displaying the Delete Project dialog confirmation form.

[Notes]: Click open the associated Notes form. The button displays a green "on" indicator in the lower right corner of the graphic if there are notes associated with the project.

[Close]: Click on this button to close the Project form. If you have made any changes to the project that have not been saved, the "Changes Not Saved" dialog will be displayed.