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2D bubble charts are a type of X-Y (scatter) chart that are used to simultaneously plot three sets of data. 3D bubble charts add a third axis of data, the Z-axis to simultaneously plot four data sets. Packed bubble charts display a single data set represented by bubble size.

Each data point has X and Y values (and Z values for the vertical axis in 3D charts) that correspond to the location of the bubble center, and the size (area or radius) of the bubble represents the third value. In Bubble Chart Pro™, you can use both the bubble pattern and color to distinguish one project representation from another. Bubble charts are displayed in the Bubble Chart, 3D Bubble Chart, and packed bubble chart forms.

Bubble charts are highly customized by using the Bubble Chart Preferences, 3D Bubble Chart Preferences snd Packed Bubble Chart Preferences forms.

Bubble charts are extremely useful as visual representations of portfolios. Bubble charts provide a fast way to determine how your projects are spread-out, or clustered, in the multiple dimensions of the "decision space."

See Creating Bubble Charts, Bubble Chart Preferences, Deleting Bubble Charts, and the Quick Start Guide for more information about these topics.