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Using the Prioritization Bar Charts in Bubble Chart Pro™

You can also use bar graphs to study and analyze the distribution of values in your portfolios.

1. Click the "Bar Charts" tab at the top of the Portfolio form, and then click [New] to open the "New Bar Chart" form.

2. Enter the name for the new Bar Chart and select the data that you want to display.

3. Click [Save and Open Chart] to open the new chart.

The normalized weighted attribute chart displays the color-coded individual value scores for each attribute for each project. The length of each bar represents the total value score for each project; the longer bars indicate a higher value score.

You can also view the raw data values and the percent normalized weighted values in bar charts by choosing those options when you create a new chart. The percent normalized weighted values is particularly insightful for examining the relative contributions to the total value score for each project and attribute.

Double-clicking on an attribute in the legend on the right opens the individual Attribute form for the selected attribute. You can use this form to modify the attribute in different ways.

The Bar Chart Preference form let's you control virtually all aspects of your bubble chart display.

You open this form by selecting [Modify Chart] at the bottom of the Bar Chart display form or at the top of Bar Chart List form. You can view the different options by clicking on the tabs at the top of the form.

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