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Selecting and Displaying Project Subsets

When analyzing a portfolio of data using bubble charts, it is useful to be able to view subsets of projects quickly. Bubble Chart Pro™ gives you a variety of ways to create subsets of data using sorting, selecting, querying, and subsets.

You can select (highlight) multiple projects in a Portfolio Data list form by holding down the control-key (command-key on the Mac) and clicking on the different project rows in the Portfolio Data form. You can select groups of projects by clicking on an initial project row, holding down the shift-key, and clicking on a different project row. All of the projects including and between the rows that you clicked on will then be selected (highlighted).

Once you have selected a set of projects, clicking the [Subset] button at the top of the Portfolio form will cause only those highlighted projects to be displayed in the form and in any open bubble chart forms.

You can also use the Query form to easily perform complex queries of your data, which will cause those projects that meet your query criteria to be displayed in the project form. If you then select those projects using the shift-click method described above, and then click the [Subset] button, only those projects will be displayed in any open bubble charts.

You can sort the entire portfolio by clicking on the headers at the top of each column to sort by individual columns or you can perform complex sorts of multiple columns simultaneously using the Sort form. Sorting is another useful way of looking at your project data.

Finally, the first column of the Portfolio Data list form allows you to check and uncheck projects, which is a way of helping you track projects. After you have selected a group of projects by checking and unchecking them, you can sort by that column by clicking on the header at the top of the column.