See Your Data in a Whole New Way With Bubble Chart Pro™ 8 Charts

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These charts look great and they're easy to make: All the charts on this page were created in less than a minute with just a few mouse clicks. And virtually all aspects of Bubble Chart Pro™ charts are fully customizable so you can create the look you want. You can easily set the colors, patterns, and pictures for individual projects or groups of projects to distinguish them from other projects. You can also add your own background graphics to create dramatic looks with photographs, corporate logos, and textures.

Bubble Chart Picture Collage

Bubble Chart Picture Collage

In 2D bubble charts, you can drag and drop bubbles around on the chart, zoom in and out, and you can add your own text and drawings. In 3D bubble charts, you can rotate the charts horizontally and vertically to explore your data in a natural interactive manner.

"Before Bubble Chart Pro it took me several hours to draw a two-dimensional Excel Scatter graph which showed the basic portfolio information I needed for our corporate executives. When I learned about Bubble Chart Pro and how easily it creates multi-dimensional diagrams I was blown away."
Phil F., Administrative Director - Program Management Office, Health Care Industry

Manage Your Data and Bubble Charts in Interactive Forms

You manage your Bubble Chart Pro™ data in Portfolio data forms that include all your charts, so you're instantly organized. Any modifications to the data is immediately displayed in the charts. Double-clicking on a row opens the object. Toolbar buttons at the top of the portfolio form let you easily query and sort the data. At the bottom of each column is a statistical summary of the data in the column. And you can duplicate an entire portfolio and all the charts in just a couple clicks, so it is easy to save different views of a portfolio.

All charts are saved and listed in the respective form pages. Double-clicking a chart row opens the selected chart. You can also create a new bubble chart in just 4 clicks and modify and duplicate your charts using this form.

bubble chart pro data forms

"“Amazing – WOW! This is exactly what our team needs to shine. Every PMO should be using this program. I can’t believe that we have spent so much time manually fussing over bubble charts so that they visually present correctly and accurately. Thank you. I’m your latest fan.”"
Stephanie B., Project Portfolio ManagerEducation

Get a Fast and Complete Overview WIth the Project Portfolio Dashboard

You can use the Bubble Chart Pro™ Dashboard to display and analyze several charts and all your projects in a single form. Just select the portfolio you want to display in the Portfolio List form and then click the [Dashboard] button. You can display different bubble charts using the popup menus so you can scan, compare, and analyze all of your charts and data quickly and easily in a single form.

Project Portfolio Management Executive Dashboard

But Bubble Chart Pro™ is much more than just bubble charts. It is an analytical tool that gives you unique views and analyses of your data. With the query and sorting forms, you can "slice and dice" your data instantly, and save the queries and sorts for use later.

You can also select individual or groups of bubbles to "blink" on and off. This is a great way to visualize and track specific bubbles in different bubble charts. You can toggle blinking "on" and "off" by clicking a button at the bottom of the form, and you can set the speed in the preferences form.

Customize the Look of your Bubbles

You can easily customize your bubble display with different effects including 3D effects, transparency, numbers, labels, and drop-shadows:

Customized bubble chart bubbles

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