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The Portfolio Sort Editor lets you build simple or compound sorts of the projects displayed in a Portfolio Data form. A sort reorders projects according to the values in the Portfolio. It is common to sort projects:

  • To view records on screen in a particular order
  • After a query or before printing

You can sort records in up to 20 different fields. Each field you sort is referred to as a sort level. When sorting the contents of fields, Bubble Chart Pro™ is not case sensitive (i.e., “Smith” = “smith”) or diacritical sensitive (i.e., “Aá” = “Aa”).

You can specify either an ascending or descending order for each field or formula that you are sorting. Sorting from A to Z or smallest to largest is known as an ascending sort. Sorting in the reverse order is called a descending sort — largest to smallest, latest to earliest, and Z to A. If you are sorting more than one level, you can freely mix ascending and descending sort orders. A multiple-level sort can mix fields and formulas, and ascending and descending sort orders.

The Portfolio Sort editor contains the following areas:

  • Fields list: This area displays a list of sortable fields in the current Portfolio.
  • Sorts area: This area displays the sort fields, and the direction of each sort. The arrows on the right of this area are used to specify an ascending or descending sort.
  • Sorts Order buttons: These buttons let you choose the direction of each sort. The "Greater Than" sign indicates an ascending sort and the "Less Than" sign indicates a descending sort.
  • Restore Last Sort: This restores the last sort you performed since you opened the Portfolio. When the Portfolio is closed, the last sort is deleted from memory.
  • Button panel: The Button panel has buttons for adding or removing lines from the Sort list.
  • Cancel button: You use this button to cancel the sort and return to the Portfolio form you were using.
  • Sort button: You use this button to perform the sort. Adds selected field to Sort list Removes all fields from Sort list Removes selected field from Sort list

Sorting a Portfolio:

This sort is temporary and applies only to the current Portfolio; it does not affect the order in which records are stored in the database. The Sort Editor is commonly used immediately after a query and before printing.

  • Open the Portfolio that you want to sort, and choose the "Sort..." menu item from the Portfolio menu.
  • Click on the name of a field which you want to sort.
  • If necessary, click the [Ascending] or [Descending] sort direction button to switch between ascending and descending sort order. Up is ascending; down is descending.
  • If necessary, repeat steps 2 and 3 to add secondary sort levels to the list. For each sort level, you can specify ascending or descending order.
  • Click the [Sort] button. Bubble Chart Pro™ sorts the Portfolio and the results are displayed in the Portfolio form.

Saving a Sort

After you create a sort, you can save it to use again. Click the [Save] button under the "Saved Sorts" listbox to open the "Name Save Sort" form. To use a saved sort, click on the sort name in the "Saved Sorts" listbox to load the sort. To delete a saved sort, click on the sort name in the "Saved Sorts" listbox and then click [Delete]. The delete operation cannot be undone.